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Are you looking for exceptional house painters? Look no further than the professional team at EZ Painting Solutions. ” There is no harder working painting company in Southern Oregon”

Serving Grants Pass, Medford, Central Point, Rogue River, Ashland, Cave Junction, Williams, Merlin, Eagle Point and throughout The Rogue Valley.

Exterior Painting

Getting your home painted is a big task for anyone, that’s why you should hire EZ Painting Solutions in Grants Pass to get the task done right. Your new paint job will look great and it will be done in a reasonable time-frame.

Did you know, that your home exterior paint will last longer when you use top quality paint and apply it with brush and roller? When using a paint sprayer apply at least two coats.

No matter how you apply your exterior paint, remember that the Southern Oregon climate is hard on your home. So if your home gets full sun you should look at repainting every seven to ten years.

Interior Painting

When interior painting, remember to use accent colors to help define the area. Certain colors work in some areas. The top colors to paint your homes interior are mostly off white. The off white options are enormous and knowing what to use when you look at swatches with bad lighting is impossible so here is a great resource by Improovy to help you choose the right color.

Winter is a Great Time to Paint Interiors

Did you know that winter is a great time to do some interior painting? Since winter is less humid than spring and summer months, you can benefit when winter sets in. Learn more about this in the BLOG: Winter is a Great Time to Paint Your Interior Spaces

Most Popular Interior Paint Colors

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Commercial Painting

If you want a painting company that treats you and your employees with respect and consideration. You should use a company that specializes and serves and the residential customer.

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The Hardest Working Painting Company in Southern Oregon

A before image of a house painted in Grants Pass.


An after image of that same house painted by our team.


EZ’s painting experts pay close  attention to detail.

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Prepping Your Home for Painting

Prepping the home’s exterior is extremely important if you want the best results. When you forget to do just a few items your new paint job might not look as good as you wanted. So that being mentioned, hiring a professional is a great start to getting awesome exterior paint results.

Clear the Home’s Exterior of Objects

Removing all obstacles from your exterior’s painting surface is usually overlooked by non-professional painters and it causes plenty of issues. Nails, screws and wires can cause unsightly dripping. Light fixtures, signs, flagpole fixtures and other ornamental objects if painted over forms a seal with the home’s exterior paint and when you need to remove or replace any of them it will cause a huge blemish.

Clean the Home’s Exterior

Pressure washing and power washing your home’s exterior gives your paint an absolutely clean surface to bond the new paint too. Pressure washing will remove spider webs, wasp nests, dirt and other loose material from the old paint surface.

Replace All Rotted Siding and Fascia Boards and Trim

When you paint over rotted wood the new paint won’t last and rotting wood just keeps rotting and the result is another unsightly problem that will be visible to you and anyone else that looks at your home. Another reason to replace rotting wood is that it will spread to other adjoining wood.

Trim can also be rotting or it can be warping or it can be insect infested. If any of these problems exist, have your trim replaced.

Scrape and Sand Where Needed

Scrape paint buildups, bubbles and loose paint so you don’t have anything that might later fall off or cause the new paint not adhere properly. Then sand where needed to get a smooth clean finish. This will give you excellent results.

Caulk Around All Trim

Caulking is super important to help have a water tight seal. Water can promote rot and you want your trim to last as long as possible. Besides that, caulking can also help with energy loss.

It Actually Saves Time and Money

Scheduling your home’s new paint job with EZ Painting Solutions will definitely save you time. When it comes to saving you money, not having to rent or buy a power washer and ladders, scaffolding, paint rollers, paint brushes, paint buckets, paint tarps, painters tape, and all the other painting equipment saves you money.